Land Use

The attorneys of Karp Neu Hanlon have the unique perspective of working on land use and development matters for both private sector clients and municipal government clients.  For several decades, the firm has worked with Western Colorado municipalities in planning for and implementing growth.  The attorneys of Karp Neu Hanlon have also represented the development community in obtaining subdivision and land use approvals.

Karp Neu Hanlon’s experience transcends the drafting of documents and agreements.  Our attorneys understand that a successful real estate project is the result of teamwork.  This includes working with planners, engineers, surveyors and architects at all phases of real estate development.

With the experience of negotiating on behalf of both government entities and developers, Karp Neu Hanlon provides effective representation of landowners in areas such as annexation, subdivision, and redevelopment.  We recognize when government requests and exactions are legitimate, and we stand up for our clients against excessive development related demands.   Our attorneys have drafted complex land use entitlement documents in several jurisdictions, including annexation agreements, development agreements, subdivision agreements, plats, and homeowner association documents.

We help our clients navigate the regulatory process to obtain development approval in a timely manner.  The lawyers of Karp Neu Hanlon regularly appear before planning commissions, town and city councils, and boards of county commissioners.  This work includes working with public realtions professionals to help controversial developments receive a fair hearing.

Examples of Karp Neu Hanlon’s work on Land Use and Development Approvals:

  • Working with a developer to obtain subdivision approvals for a 1500 unit golf course development.
  • Working with a commercial developer to obtain approvals for a big box retail subdivision.
  • Working with an out-of-town business to develop a commercial/residential project to bring jobs to a local community.
  • Working with a government entity to negotiate a tax/fee strategy to develop infrastructure for a large mixed use development.
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