Community Associations

Over two million people in Colorado live in common interest communities.  Whether it’s a golf course community, small condominium development, or rural collection of ranches, we have experience working with all manner of communities and their homeowners associations.


A common interest community association is where a group of property owners have agreed to associate to  preserve, maintain, protect and enhance their homes and property through rules,  regulations and covenants.  Membership in the community association is usually mandatory and automatic for all owners within a planned unit development, condominium project or other covenant controlled association.  Certain documents bind all owners to within the common interest community association.  These legal documents impose mutual obligations to be performed by the individual owners and the community as a whole.


A community association exists to provide for the governance to maintain, enhance, preserve and protect the property values and assets of the community. It does this through the establishment of a system of property rights, binding covenants and restrictions, and rules and regulations.


As a property owner in a community association, it is your responsibility to read and understand the community’s governing documents.

Example of governing documents include but are not limited to:

  • Recorded Maps, Plats or Plans.
  • Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions also known as CC&Rs or a Declaration
  • Articles of Incorporation for the Non-profit Association
  • Association Bylaws
  • Adopted Resolutions, Policies & Procedures
  • Community Rules and Regulations

Homeowners must follow these written rules and Homeowner’s Associations must enforce the rules uniformly. Homeowner’s Associations are essentially private governments.  Karp Neu Hanlon can assist both communities and individuals in interpreting and complying with the governing documents within a homeowners’ association.

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