As an employer, are you aware of the most recent development in employment law?  What documents and records must be kept?  What is the law regarding discrimination in the workplace?  Who must be paid overtime?  This is a small sampling of the issues that our employment lawyers deal with all the time.   With almost 50 years of experience in this area, we are confident that we can assist you as an employer.

Our firm is recognized by our peers as a leader on the Western Slope in this area.

We provide advice and counsel to guide employers through the maze of federal and state personnel laws including the following subjects:

  • Employment handbooks and policies;
  • Employment discrimination and sexual harassment;
  • Employee discipline;
  • Independent contractor issues;
  • Non-compete, non-disclosure and trade secret agreements;
  • Compensation and employment agreements including Offer Letters, and Executive Contracts
  • Wage and hour/overtime Issues

If litigation does arise, we provide cost-effective and aggressive representation. We are familiar with the use of mediation or other alternative dispute services and litigation in both state and federal courts.

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