Workers Compensation

In addition to our personal injury practice we can help you obtain worker’s compensation.  If you were hurt on the job, you deserve straight, complete answers.  You deserve good customer service.  Most of all you should GET THE BENEFITS YOU DESERVE.  Karp Neu Hanlon can get your questions answered, work hard to get you the benefits you deserve, and keep you informed throughout our representation.  High quality medical care is very important to you and it should be your first priority.

Dealing with Your Insurance Company

Our attorneys will work with your workers compensation insurance company after a workplace injury. Insurance companies frequently use “stall tactics”, such as denying you were actually injured and undervaluing the scope of your injuries. They may try to keep you from seeing a good doctor. A good attorney can fix that. Your workers comp adjuster may offer to settle your case quickly or “low ball” you assuming you will not know the difference.

Medical Benefits

Some workers compensation insurance companies want you to see a doctor who really is working for them. Many workers comp adjusters refuse to pay for medical care which you need. Some insurance companies even limit the number of times your doctors can treat you. These insurance companies are not always acting ethically or within the bounds of Colorado law. GET THE BENEFITS YOU DESERVE.

Problem Solving Approach

It is important to hire a lawyer who wants you to have an excellent result you are happy with. Unfortunately, some lawyers just want a quick settlement and a “fast buck”. You get a fair shake from a Colorado workers comp attorney who helps you plan what you’ll do AFTER you’re done with the doctor’s care. Our attorneys have experience in employment law, wage recovery cases, disability discrimination, social security, and vocational rehabilitation.

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